Team Speak Rebuild!

qas05 Co-Owner posted Mon at 2:24
Hello all! 
I'm back and I have made the Team Speak Server look real fancy with support channels, game channels, staff channels, ect.. this is only the start of the rebuild and I plan on making it much better as we develop the network. There will be a meeting on Saturday in the Team Speak Server, please come and receive your rank and I will also be explaining on how the new system will work with the server and what staff are suppose to do to help others. I will go into full detail on steps of how to deal with someone in need of help and some tags. If you would like to become a Team Speak Server staff, please come and join in on the meeting. Do note this is staff for Teak Speak and no other ExonCraft server. If you have any questions, please come join the Team Speak Server anytime, I will be there often and will be able to answer any question you may have about the network. 

Exon Voice 2.0

Thank You.

This is what I have done so far:
Hey Guys,

For anyone who wants to become staff there will be a meeting at 4:30PM CST tomorrow.  It will consist of a briefing on what is happening and more explanation on how the final staff will be picked.  Everyone who is interested in staff should attend, later this week interviews will be held to find out final staff.  Wesley, Qas, and Luke do not need to attend as your are for sure staff already.  Side note- if more people show than expected we will have TWO meetings to support all the people one right after another.

Thanks for the support,
~x0Reflux0x & 0Exodus0 
[Dev] Icehart99 Thanks to everyone that came, made it a successful first meeting!
[Dev] Icehart99 Teamspeak server is, for more information on it check my wall ...
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